VersaStreamer SDI

VersaStreamer SDI
Reach your audience without needing to set up a complicated video streaming system.

Now you can get the power of a computer-based live streaming solution in a compact box that fits in your camera bag. Whether your content originates in a broadcast facility, house of worship, school, sports venue, or a government building, the VersaStreamer SDI eliminates difficult and time consuming setup so that you can focus on reaching your audience rather than suffer through technology frustrations.

While simple to install and operate, the VersaStreamer SDI is loaded with technical capability and a rich feature set including the ability to stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch simultaneously, and without added cost. It has HDMI and SDI inputs and it can stream resolutions up to 1080p60 using the H.264 or HEVC video standards. There is local backup to SD card, and support for closed captions so that your stream can be accessible to all.

Unique Capabilities
Stream up to 1080p60 with H.264 or HEVC
Stream to 3 RTMP destinations at the push of a button
Simultaneous local backup recording while streaming
SMPTE 608/709 Closed Caption support
Two unicast RTP streams for point to point
Multicast RTP support
VersaStreamer SDI Datasheet

Key Product Features
3 x RTMP
One Button Go Live
USB/SD Recording
Closed Captions
“VersaStreamer SDIs provided us with a simple and reliable way to deliver thirteen simultaneous live streams to over 900 viewers with just a few volunteers”
-Andy M.
Versatile Streaming at Your Fingertips

Stream to all platforms

Simultaneously stream to 3 RTMP destinations with preconfigured or custom built templates.  You’ll also leverage pre-built connectors to stream to YouTube, Facebook, Wowza, and more. Just press the stream button on the front of the device and you’re live!

Deploy quickly and easily

Connect your SDI or HDMI signal to the rear of the unit, configure your outputs via a simple and intuitive interface, and you’re up and running.  No complex configurations, no confusion, no tweaking settings.  We’ve built years of experience and customer feedback directly into the device.

Immediate access to recordings

Record a local USB or SD card backup while you’re streaming.  Have confidence that you can save a copy of your event locally and in the cloud.  Later, you can auto-upload your locally recorded file to any FTP server, anywhere.

Dedicated Technology

Designed, built, and programmed in the USA, VersaStreamer SDI is a dedicated hardware encoder that supports video streaming using H.264 and HEVC video codecs at up to 1080p60 resolution. Our approach to media processing means lower power consumption and reliable performance.  

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