VersaStreamer 4K

VersaStreamer 4K
Reach your audience simply and confidently without sacrificing quality.

VersaStreamer 4K gives you the highest quality video streaming possible in a turn-key solution. Now, you can have rapidly deployable, professional-grade live streaming at 4K resolution using the ultra-efficient low bandwidth HEVC video standard paired with SRT.

Whether you need RTMP, reliable point-to-point streaming, embedded closed captions, support for multiple channels of audio, or the ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, VersaStreamer 4K will allow you to stop worrying about whether your message will be seen. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a video streaming appliance that anyone can use.

Unique Capabilities
Video Input Preview in our intuitive Web UI
Real-time audio level meter overlayed on Input Preview
SRT for reliable point-to-point streaming
CEA 608/708 Closed Captions
8 Channel Audio Support
Compatible with the latest low latency WebRTC workflows
Stream to 3 RTMP destinations at the push of a button
VersaStreamer 4K Datasheet

Key Product Features

Closed Captions
Multi-channel audio
“When our client commented on how easy it was to use, and a major news channel comments on how great the feed looked we knew that we’d made the right decision to go with VersaStreamer 4K”
-Ben K.
Advanced Features & Technology

Reach your audience by simultaneously streaming directly to your choice of up to three RTMP destinations.

Using our direct integrations to select platforms as well as our Generic RTMP connector, you can easily set up your stream to any platform. Once set up, all you need to do is press the stream button on the front to go live!


With closed captions support, VersaStreamer 4K ensures that your live stream is accessible to all viewers and complies with standards that require closed captions for video content.

Multi-channel audio support furthers the level of accessibility and versatility of VersaStreamer 4K, allowing tracks of audio for different languages and varied listening experiences.


Secure, reliable transport has become more important to customers of all shapes and sizes. SRT is a core part of Versastreamer’s delivery options.

Pair HEVC with SRT and you have a low latency, high quality, and high reliability stream to further guarantee your audience has a great live experience.

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