Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

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Creating products that are easy to use, durable, and reliable. 

For when you need a little help,

Welcome to Videon Support!

Videon offers two types of support programs. From the most basic support to deeper engagement, we’ll make it easy to sign up and get moving.

“[Videon Support] was so patient and understanding of my lack of experience with technological matters. [They] guided me one step at a time until the problem was resolved.”
-Father L.
The Benefits

Access to the Videon Product Experts! Knowledgeable, experienced experts in our own products, related video technology, networking, and more. 

Need a replacement right away?
We have you covered!

Need a customized support plan?
Let us know!

The Plans
Premium Maintenance and Support
Included / FREE Basic Limited Warranty and Support

Premium Maintenance and Support is designed to support your technical needs as you design, test and implement live video Edgecaster solutions.

Provided with all Videon products, Videon Product Experts are available to answer online tickets and support.


Extended Warranty 
Online and phone access  to Videon Technical Support
Minimum 1 business day response time.
During EST normal business hours unless otherwise pre-scheduled
Software Bug fixes and Feature Updates
Access to Beta, or pre-released features
Advanced return
Videon will ship a new or equivalent refurbished unit immediately using express shipping as requested.
1 year hardware warranty limited to defects in materials and workmanship (2 years in EU)
Online Trouble Ticket Support
Software Bug Fixes
Videon at its sole discretion may add new features into the update
Returns through RMA process (repair unit; replaced if we cannot repair)
30 day Guarantee for repair and replace (turnaround time)
Registration required to receive support

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