Concierge Service

Videon Concierge Service
Custom services and solutions tailored to your needs

Reliable. Proven. Professional. 

Providing what you need when you need it, the Videon Concierge Service.

Owning manufacturing and logistics has its advantages.

Designed and built in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA and backed by nearly 30 years of engineering expertise — Videon unlocks the potential of at-source compute to handle broadcast-quality video for any use case.  

Core Benefits 
Volume Flexibility

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) strategy enables Videon to support low volume high mix manufacturing


Value add BOM health analysis (lifecycle, regulatory, sourcing, geo-political). Transparency to support the most rigid compliance and government regulatory requirements

Focus on Reliability & Robustness

On site, HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) & pre-cert EMI services simulating the life of a product, discovering any weakness in initial design phase to extend the limits and reliability


AS9100 & ISO9001 certified QMS, configuration management and traceability


Meticulous ship and tracking of orders in the field. Need a replacement right away, we got you

Your brand matters

Create a comprehensive brand experience from packaging, branding of the actual video compute platform and the admin web UI. Want a green platform – you got it!

The Videon creative team has extensive experience working with OEM partners around the world and will work with you to make sure your brand sings every step of the user experience.

Build your brand with Videon