Reduce video streaming complexity and delight your audience.

The EdgeCaster was designed so that you can go live confidently. It boasts important live streaming capabilities like HLS, DASH, CMAF, and SRT protocol support so that you can deliver the highest quality to your audience regardless of their network speed. And with HTTP Push and Pull support, your workflow options are nearly limitless.

We know that your audience demands the best video experience and expects that you will deliver the highest resolution supported by their device. EdgeCaster features multiple stream encoding so that you can stream pristine broadcast quality video at any combination of resolutions from 180p to 4K with bit rates from 500kbps to 30Mbps using H.264 and HEVC.

With Edgecaster you get a powerful, customizable, live streaming platform in a compact box that fits in your camera bag.

Unique Capabilities
Direct streaming to CDNs with HTTP Push and Pull
Native packaging of player ready HLS and DASH
Low Latency CMAF
CEA 608/708 Closed Captions
8 Channel Audio Support
Multiple Bitrates
Cloud Control and integration via REST, XML, and LiveEdge Compute Toolkit
EdgeCaster Datasheet

Key Product Features
Multiple Bitrate

“Many of the cheaper encoders could not meet our bar for quality and compression efficiency as well as what our customers expected in the way of quality and reliability.”
-Tero A.
The pro features and advanced capabilities that we built for you.
On-premise video compute

Our team designed EdgeCaster as the simplest way to connect your video camera or production suite to the network so that you can start streaming live more quickly.

EdgeCaster brings expensive cloud and edge compute functions on-premise. This results in lower latency, reduced operational cost, and improved reliability.

for your requirements

EdgeCaster fits perfectly into the simplest and most advanced applications. You can take advantage of a Python development environment, remote management, REST API, XML and Live Edge interfaces.

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of an appliance that features the flexibility of a computer based system so that you can stream with confidence.


EdgeCaster consistently receives updates and improvements so that you can be sure that your audience will always be able to see the message that you are broadcasting. 

Built on a sophisticated platform that integrates the best of video hardware with the cloud, we are able to enhance our products with the most advanced standards and latest features.

Innovation is in everything that we do.

Stream just as fast as you broadcast

EdgeCaster reduces average end-to-end latency from 30 seconds down to 3 seconds or less. By any measure, that’s better than broadcast. This is key for live events, essentially eliminating the delay between the TV broadcast and streaming to second screens.  Don’t let your viewers lag behind.

Significantly cut the cost of streaming

Video workflows typically rely upon an encoder sending RTMP to the cloud where it is re-encoded. EdgeCaster reduces the need for expensive cloud processing and re-encoding. You get all the functionality of a cloud-based service, without the recurring costs and increased latency. Affordably deliver events of all types and sizes.

Use it to solve your hardest problems

How often do you need to reduce latency? Reduce streaming costs? Move remote video to central editing? Augment events with subscription video? Edgecaster solves these problems and many more. Don’t be fooled by Edgecaster’s size. This edge compute device packs a powerful punch.

Supercharge & simplify your workflow

Provision the device, connect the cables, and flip the switch. EdgeCaster seamlessly connects to the cloud and it can be controlled from anywhere. It runs your Python scripts aboard the device and seamlessly integrates with your existing production components.

Ready to stream on the edge?
Let us show you how.