Case Study – Remote Video Editing

Crowd Sourced Remote Video Production
Remote Video Editing Case Study

Organization: Asa Zoesman
Product: VersaStreamer 4K
Application: Live streaming, local stream capture, remote monitoring of video editing
Technologies: HEVC, 4K, SRT

Telling your story in a new way

Making a movie is hard, but when a central character is none other than the Northern Lights and remote Yukon locations, it’s not possible without the help of outside videographers and filmmakers. With this sweeping backdrop the biopic titled “1,000 Days, The Meaning of Life” required a new approach to remote filmmaking. Based on the real-life experience of Asa Zoesman, and his vision to make the first co-created movie, it meant identifying the best encoder for streaming live while maintaining exceptionally high quality. The VersaStreamer 4K stood out for being easy to use and offering exceptional video quality, while being compact. This made it perfect as the production 4K encoder for anyone needing to stream video for review purposes.

“My vision for this production required the highest level of creative contribution matched by uncompromising equipment and technology. The VersaStreamer 4K is central to creating what we’ve set out to film.”
-Asa Zoesman, Producer
Technical solution overview
Videon VersaStreamer 4K Streaming Encoders
4K HDR with Red Helium Cameras
Neumann Microphones
Sound Devices Mix Pre Field Mixer and Recorder
StreamGuys Live Streaming Platform
AVID Editor
Beyond creating this feature film, Asa and team have a vision to create an infrastructure so that more productions can be co-created by remote and disparately located filmmakers and videographers. Throughout the audio and video signal chain, quality is the main driver, meaning every piece of equipment must contribute to making the story more compelling and exciting
Minimizing the difference between remote and in-person production

The vision of Asa and his team was to create the infrastructure so that multiple creators could contribute to the movie production remotely just as if they were in the same location. Because the final destination for the production will be IMAX screens, traditional streaming video solutions were not possible for use. Working closely with AVID, Red, Neumann, and Sound Devices, Asa determined that the VersaStreamer 4K could perform both live streaming as well as local capture of content when a sufficiently fast Internet connection was not available. Combining exceptional quality with ease of use, allowed the team to move past the technology so that they could focus on the story

“The VersaStreamer 4K fanless design is perfect for the studio, while being reliable enough to take it into the field.”
-Asa Zoesman, Producer

Unique for its compact size and one-button go-live operation, the VersaStreamer line of streaming encoders are ideal for remote video production to enable better streaming experiences and storytelling. VersaStreamer 4K lived up to its design by providing the most versatile streaming solution possible for Asa Zoesman and team so that they could tell the story regardless of where any one contributor was in the world.

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