Case Study – Opera Performance

Taipei Opera Premier
of El amor brujo Ballet and
La vide breve
Opera Performance Case Study

Organization: Taiwan premiere of El amor brujo ballet and La vida breve opera by Spanish
composer Manuel de Falla
Product: EdgeCaster
Application: Multi-angle live streaming
Technologies: H.264, SDI, RTMP

Saving the show with live streaming

Systems integration company Rexcel Group introduced the world’s first application of their Rexcel Simple Live streaming-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform to support the Taipei Opera’s debut of the El amor brujo ballet and La vida breve opera by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla. Just days before the Taipei Opera was set to launch their historic performance at the Taichung National Theater, COVID-19 restrictions closed the sold out venue for attendees and eliminated the orchestra from being able to perform. The Rexcel Simple LaaS platform was designed to be easy to use and this enabled the Opera to hold a performance accompanied by piano so that 10,000 remote viewers could watch the performance.

“I thank Videon for its superb EdgeCaster and Taipei Opera for offering us the opportunity to prove its effectiveness in conducting the first multi-stream from a theater solution.”
-Ren Egawa, Rexcel CEO
Technical solution overview
4 EdgeCaster streaming encoders delivered live video streams to YouTube.
Cameras were operated at 1080p30, streaming was 4Mbps
Cameras were connected to the EdgeCaster encoders using the SDI connection
Audio was handled by multiple microphones that were combined with a compact mixer and distributed to each EdgeCaster.
Multiple streams with fixed camera positions provided excellent event coverage without needing a production team or an expensive jib arm or boom.
Streaming to YouTube was accomplished via RTMP and pre-configured using the web interface and one-button go live functionality from Rexcel’s Simple Livestream-as-Service platform.
Connecting remote audience members for engagement around the world

EdgeCaster’s web-based UI made the setup and configuration of what is normally a complicated process simple and able to be completed remotely by the Rexcel team. Using EdgeCaster’s one-button go-live feature, the volunteer video operators who were not video technicians, confidently streamed the full production to YouTube where anyone could see the performance. This enabled a conductor at the Ballet Nacional de Espana and Elena Garcia the grand niece of the composer and the General Director of Fundacion Archivo Manuel De Falla to be able to view the performance along with thousands of fans from Spain, France, Italy, Latin America, Taiwan, and many other regions. With EdgeCaster, this historic event was able to be seen by many that otherwise would not have been able.

“Rexcel with Videon’s EdgeCaster, gave our performance wings to fly. Thanks to this livestream, the Ballet Nacional de Espana principal conductor became aware of our production and we’ve become good friends as a result.”
-Dau-Hsiong Tseng, Taipei Opera Music Director

Unique for its size and one-button go-live operation, the VersaStreamer line of streaming encoders are ideal for performance groups wanting to enable remote viewing of their events. EdgeCaster lived up to its purpose by providing the most versatile streaming solution possible for the Taipei Opera so that fans around the world could enjoy the historic performance.

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